Vetsend: the online pet store for all animal friends

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The trendiest winter outfits for your dog

Don’t you just love it when you see a dog wearing its little sweater, looking all cozy and adorable? Those sweaters, dog coats and shoes can be your dog’s new style, too. Just order them from this site! With her little coat and matching boots, your dog will be the best dressed dog at the dog park this winter. Not just that, the clothes and shoes will also keep her nice and warm, and possibly dry if it rains. Dog shoes and socks are also great for when your dog has a little wound on her paw or just to wear in the winter. The shoes or socks will protect your dog’s paws from dirt, so the wound won’t get infected. Her paws will also be protected from the harsh, icy weather, which could damage her soles.

The best toys for your cats

Cats are infamously picky when it comes to toys. Luckily, nowadays there are more than enough toys to choose from. Just grab your phone, tablet or computer, go to this online pet store and let your cat browse the many options. Once your cat has found the best toy, all you have to do is order it for him. Cats can get excited to hear the postman too, just as long as they have a good reason for it. Whilst you’re ordering toys for your cat, you might as well order some treats too, just to be sure you don’t run out. Your cat will thank you for ordering him all those exciting new toys!

Visit the online pet store for veterinary advice

The online pet store isn’t just great for ordering toys, treats and other products for your pets, it’s also a great place to get some free veterinary advice. No one likes to go all the way over to the vet for every single question or concern. That’s why you can simply ask any and all questions you have to an experienced veterinarian via this website. Get your free advice from an expert by just sending a message to the veterinarian online. It’s best to check the frequently asked questions first, of course, since your answer might already be there.